Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've been fretting over the fact that I haven't been writing nearly the amount for SIS50k. During the week I haven't been reaching a thousand words on the days I do sit down enough to write, and during the weekends I don't sit down to write at all.

But you know what, weekends aren't for work. They're for family, or friends, or for yourself. So if I want to sit down and write, by all means I will do it. But if I want to relax and read my book or watch a movie with Phil, I am going to do that.

I'm not saying I'm giving up on writing, that's ridiculous. I am still going to make myself sit down and get some words out during the week. Especially now that I have my new computer and can work on the train. That was my main reason for replacing my still-working-perfectly computer. My old laptop wasn't portable at all, and I mourned all the hours I wasted sitting on the train staring out the window. And you know what, if I don't feel like writing on the train, that is just fine with me.

I'm lucky because I don't HAVE to publish. But I'm unlucky because I HAVE to publish. Get it? I'm going to eat guacamole and read now. And then watch Game of Thrones later tonight. And go to the grocery store. Grocery store before guacamole, but not before reading. All right, peace.

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