Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh yeah, I need a title, don't I?

An amazing thing happened yesterday. I met up with a friend and we grabbed dinner and walked around the city a bit (that's not the amazing part) and I didn't get home until after nine. Not too late, but all I wanted to do was crash into bed and I made myself sit down and try to write because I hadn't made my thousand words yet and I actually DID IT. Amazing! And it wasn't easy, it kindof sucked actually and I made it easier by writing a lot of dialogue, but I still got some words out! That made me really happy. Immediately after I crashed into bed, but I still did it! That may be the first time I didn't want to write but said "tough titties" and did it anyway. That means I'm LEARNING! (Who woulda thought?)

During our city adventure, I found a new used bookstore that's actually really close to my building. Not only do they have a cat (awesome) but I found  a 1897 illustrated edition of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens for 10 bucks! It's not in the greatest condition, but I think it's awesome. The shop owner said I was a lucky girl  to have found that, and first I thought "It's your bookshop, shouldn't you know what you have?" Not to mention it was right at the back of the desk. I also thought "You should have marked it up more" but kept quiet, handed over my ten bucks, and went all squee! inside. =]

I want to finish Wise Man's Fear over the weekend, so come Tuesday I don't have to lug that monstrous hardcover back and forth. I haven't been carrying it around that long but the corners are getting beat up and that makes me sad. Plus, how better than to spend a weekend than reading? And I'm looking forward to The Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin, which is next on my list and pleasant little paperback.

And this just needs to be shared. Presenting: The SciFi Geek Zodiac. Except, I'm an Undead. That's so not cool.

This is now my second update to this post. I need to stop doing that, or people may miss something at the bottom of a post they've already read. Oh wait... that's right, one person reads my blog. (Yay Lesa!) My point is, I don't write this blog for other people to read, I write it for ME. I just read this post and I immediately thought "Why does it matter?" Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but trying to finagle readers is not what I think this is about. Sure, everyone WANTS readers, but do you really think you're going to get Huffington Post famous by writing a blog? And frankly, I don't read blogs that are set up like that, like columns in a newspaper jibing for readers. I like the blogs that are about troubles and successes and ohmygodasamaurisquirrel! And books. And writing.

I guess this isn't completely fair. Just because I'm not interested in it doesn't mean other people aren't either. But it's not how I think. Also, I hate really eager people who think their shit is The Shit and think everyone needs to know about it. Everyone has their niche, and if I am looking to expand my niche I'll manage on my own thanks. I don't need other people telling me what I just HAVE to like.

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