Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yagh! Why do you have to be so successful!

I love reading the blogs of authors and following their websites. I'm just guiltily curious about how they live their writing lives, especially their writing process. I used to read them so I could get all kinds of writing tips because I thought if I compounded enough information the Secret To Writing would be found! But that's not how it works, and reading the blogs helped me discover that. (The Secret To Writing is to just sit down and write, by the way, no matter how bad you may think it is.)

But my least favorite time to read a blog is when they just sold a book, or their new book just released, or some other form of successful awesomeness. And no, I'm not bitter about it, as a matter of fact I'm quite happy, but that's ALL THEY TALK ABOUT FOR A MONTH. First it's the YAY, then about all the phone calls they've had with their agent/editor, then about their book tour, then more about how excited they are to go to all these places, non of which are Philadelphia because no one goes to Philadelphia (ever), and you know that gets old.

I recently discovered Let The Words Flow (a great blog, by the way) and Kat Zhang. Don't remember how. But Kat Zhang just sold her book Hybrid, which sounds really good, but I want to read more of her thoughts on writing and stuff like that and not more ZOMG I SOLD MY BOOK.

This is really unfair. I know. And if someday the planets align and I sell a book, I'm sure I will be more guilty of this than all of them. But still at the writing part, and I want to read about that.

Dear bloggers, if you are reading this, please keep posting about how happy you are. I'm happy for you too! But I don't want to read about it for a month, so I'll just be reading elsewhere for a bit. BUT one thing to keep in mind: don't EVER start marketing or any of that other crap on your blog. I will stop following it and I may even think twice about picking up your book. I think it was Neil Gaiman who said that blogs are for connecting with your readers. Tell me about the quirky things that happened in your writerly life, make me laugh at how funny the Samauri Squirrels are, and then I'll be much more likely to read everysinglethingyou'vewrittenEVER.

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