Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Thumbs Down, One Up, and some of everything else.

Saw three movies over the weekend: Hanna, Hard Candy, and Gosford Park. We were so excited for all of them and had been waiting to see them for a while, and two of them were flops. Color us disappointed. Spoilers will ensue. Don't be upset.

Gosford Park was the first movie we watched, in our awesome stay-in-bed-until-4:30 Sunday. I highly recommened it. If you have kids and think you can't swing it, ship them off to a family member or neighbor for a sleepover and then return the favor for them another weekend. Anyway, it's a multi-storyline movie that showed the weird connections between the servants and the served, all while sorting out a murder mystery. The murder doesn't happen until past halfway, and the inspector who investigates is so awful at his job I don't really know what they were trying to get across with that. But the movie isn't about the murder, it's about the relationships, and you spend an hour not knowing who anyone is. Sounds confusing, but it was a really good movie. There are so many recognizable people, even for the really small parts, and it's fun to pick out what else they were in (still looking for some). I'd recommened this one--it's on Netflix.

The preview for Hanna was SO BADASS. This little girl is just a cold, hard killer, and she has the moves to escape from a high security whatever-that-place was in Morocco. Then she joins up with a family on a road trip and we have an hour of her discovering electricity and making her first friend and hiding under the bed in the RV watching the family dance. It was Bo. Ring. Thenthere'sthiscoolscene with her father kicking ass in a subway station. Then another half hour of her on her first date. Then a weird creepy man who lives in a cupcake who knows her father and is brutally murdered and Hanna chasing the Big Bad Woman through a dilapidated theme park. Then a cliched last line that repeats the beginning scene and it's over.

It was between this movie or Sucker Punch, and we spent a long time deciding which to see because we REALLY wanted to see both of them. We should have seen Sucker Punch, and I'm sad we didn't.

Then, we watched Hard Candy late Sunday night. This is a little known flick with Ellen Page where she tricks a guy (who's a closet pedophile) into meeting with her via online chat. Everything gets turned upside down when SHE is the one to slip drugs into his drink. Turns out she's a sociopathic vigilante who wants revenge for a teen murder. We never find out if she was friends with the murdered girl, but she does say she is doing everything "for all the fourteen year old girls out there." Ellen Page did a great job in this movie, there isn't a single flinch through all the demonic scenes and she is totally believable as a crazed fourteen year old. She is ruthless. But it was a little much for so late at night, and I wasn't expecting to have to watch a castration (yeah, it's that brutal), and after Hanna's flop earlier in the day this just compounded the disappointment. I guess I would still recommened to see it because Ellen Page did such a great job, but know what your getting into. P didn't like it all. I think he was a little tender about the tender bits.


I didn't write anything last night and that makes me sad. But I was able to get a short run in the nice weather even with my train running late and having to run a bunch of errands, and that makes me happy. Back to writing: I organized a lot of my outline after cutting out the entire plot arc. Unfortunately, the majority of my writing so far was in that plot arc, but it just doesn't fit in with the Merpeople story I wanted to tell. The character was kindof lame too, even though he did have certain traits that I liked. But some of his minor traits that I just threw in to make him "more rounded" should have been his major traits, and they didn't work with the story. But that's okay. I have a plot arc that is more internally contained (a good thing) and I won't have to bouncing back anf forth between disparate settings.


I have been re-reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and I am just taking my good old time and absorbing every word. His prose is just sooo wonderful. I hope I can sound as clear and articulate as he does. I follow his blog, and he will spend HOURS reading his work, tweaking a word here, a word there, and I thought it was a bit excessive at the time, but WOW it was so worth it. There isn't a word wasted. And his characters are so appropriately snarky it's wonderful. After finishing this (I'm trying to get it to last while I write a chunk of my book--hopefully his voice and style will sneak into MY writing a little bit) there is no way I'll be able to avoid reading the second book. And hopefully the library will have it by then, because I think I already missed getting the hardcover 40% off at BN. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK.

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