Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seriously? I can't believe these are my problems.

The past two days I haven't been able to write anything. Not even I just didn't feel like it, but I have been way too distracted.

1. Trying to write after running is a really bad idea. I've already put in a long day at work, and when I run my mind starts to float and daydream and just enjoy the weather. Trying to get it to focus again after that is just futile.

2. Patrick Rothfuss, how dare you. I mean, seriously now. Way to ruin every fledgling author's chance at getting a book published. I'm re-reading The Name of the Wind, and I'm DROOLING over it! It's so freaking good! And this isn't even the second one, which by the way I am totally diving into as soon as I finish this. I may lug that brick of a book in to work tomorrow on the offchance that I finish NotW before I get home. All of my writing time has been sucked away because I can't stop thinking about it! Seriously Pat, this relationship is going to have to change if we want it to last. I can't have you taking time away from my other boyfriends. (And by other boyfriends, I mean Name of the Wind. Sorry Phil. Priorities.) The first time I read this book was my sophomore year of college, during my tremulous semester of Physics-or-English. I missed so much! Like how awesome it is just to read the writing. Who cares about the story, I just want to look at how nicely the words come out. I gave this book a nine when I read it back then. (Yes, I have a book where I list all the books I want to read by season, and cross off and rate the ones I get to.) This time around we're approaching the Harry Potter Singularity that has yet to be surpassed. Actually, I think it may have already been surpassed. Anything that can get me to tear up while sitting on the train next to a farting fat man has to be pretty amazing... and then two pages later I'm laughing out loud. Yeah. It's that good.

3. I've been busy at work, and haven't been able to take any writing breaks. I'm working on a reprint that has a ton of changes, and we just got a new book in that I get to process tomorrow, and the last book we got in is finishing up it's pretransmittal routing this week. (There's some pub speak for ya.) Now, I really like having work like this. I like reprints, and I like getting new books in—that's my favorite thing. (Actually, requesting permissions is my favorite thing. I will be the happiest person in the world if the new book has twenty permissions I need to request.) But not being able to write is just leaving me a little empty. I can't believe I'm saying that. I used to laugh at people who said that. Now I'm going through writing-withdrawal.

The entire purpose of this post was to just get me to write SOMETHING. I feel a little better. Now it's time to get back to my first love... reading.

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