Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night we went to Chipotle for dinner, and it was delicious. Not wanting to shit myself stupid, I forced myself to only eat half of my bowlofdelicious and save the rest for lunch today.

But naturally, I couldn't wait for lunch and ended up eating it as soon as I got in. Then I tweeted about my bowlofdelicious:

Chipotle is my best friend. Actually, I'd be happy with just bowl of guacamole. #leftoversforbreakast

The day goes on, natural biological processes begin to rumble, and before I know it, I'm leaving this gem of a tweet:

It's 5 minutes before I have to catch my train, and I have to poop. #shit #inmorewaysthanone

That's not even the funny part. Little did I know, @PhillyFoodBuzz retweeted my Chipotle tweet, because I'm so clever with a keyboard. That makes this day momentous, because I've never been retweeted before! (If someone reading this didn't know what Twitter was, all these "tweets" and "retweets" would make me sound like a sex junkie.) The glorious part of this post is that anyone who clicks on my name in the PhillyFoodBuzz tweet automatically brings up my poop tweet, because Twitter highlights the most recent tweet you've posted.

Yes Philadelphia, I do not know how to censor myself on the internet. Read it and weep. (The weeping is a hazard of the fumes.)

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