Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodbye, Other Half

I worked out some of my plot issues by nixing the second arc of the plot. The two were going to merge, but having two settings that are so disparate was slowing me down, but frankly I don't think they would have meshed very well anyway. Unfortunately, the one I nixed was the one I had been working on, so most of my writing doesn't count towards this new outline. The setting I kept didn't have a strong plotline, but the nixed plotline actually works better in the kept setting. (Follow all that?) In any case, I need to remember to keep it simple. I like the setting I kept better anyway, and it will be more of a challenge to write (for better or worse).

My goal is 50,000 words for this story, which is a very short book, and also NaNoWriMo standards. I'm not shooting to write this book in a month, but I do plan to get a decent chunk of words out everyday. Goal: 1k/day, even though I know that is a stretch. I had a long stretch of zero-writing this past week, and I hope to change that tonight, even though I have editing and errands to do. I want to write while I need to write.

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