Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Among Others by Jo Walton

I really liked this book. I had also thought of something really snarky and clever to say to open the review with while I was riding the train home, but now I can't remember what it was.

In any case, if you've grown up reading SciFi and Fantasy, this is the book for you. There isn't much to say about it though, it's just... sweet. It's a very laid back book, but I flew threw it before I had even realized it. (When I went to grab my bookmark on the way home I grabbed the back cover, and only then I realized how close to the end I was.) I only got this book last Thursday, so this is really fast for me. But it was an easy read also.

The main character, Morwenna, has a brilliant head on her shoulders that makes you love her the way you love Arlen in The Warded Man. She can see past the triviality of her peers, and while that makes her life hell in prep school, she is more mature for it. Also, I really liked the subtle magic system. It was very simple, but simple in a way that I know I would have had a hard time explaining. The magic was good because the author described it that way.

It had a very inconclusive ending. One, I wish it had stretched out a little more, and two it fit perfectly with the mood of the book. It's essentially about her getting over the death of her sister, and it's very sweet (like I said).

ZOMG I totally left out the best part of this book! Mor loves to read SciFi and Fantasy! Everything that happens to her is compared to characters in stories (the same ones we grew up reading). I love getting her thoughts on the books she reads, especially the ones I have also read, and I love that even though she craved human interaction, her best friends were her books. And that's okay in this book.

PS. It's my birthday! =]

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