Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An update of blah

This past week I haven't gotten any writing done. Granted, I was sick over the weekend, that that cuts out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but over Wednesday and Thursday I wrote not even a page. Awesome. I haven't done any editing either, but I'll just keep blaming everything on my stomach bug. =/ And tonight I have things to do after work, so I'm not sure I'll get anything done tonight either. I am itching to write at this point though.

I read a great post on Holly Black's blog (who I am liking more and more) that made me feel better about how much I write everyday, but I still have to seriously get moving on it. The post is here. There is also a page of writing advice on her website. Did you know that Holly Black is in a writing group with some other major haunchos? Jeez, I can't even imagine being in a writing group full of NYT bestselling authors. I need a writing group. I really don't know many people who write in my area to get one together though. =/

It's hard to post a goal when I am not writing this story chronologically. I can't use my old standby of "a chapter a month." Even though that's not much writing, I could still meet that deadline. Even saying a page a night is too much, because then I skip two days and mentally everything gets all out of whack. I will try that though. Tonight: I will write one page.

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