Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh look. Another story.

Fade in whiney voice: Oh, but I'm on chapter three, it's too hard...
The smart half of my brain: Suck it up.
WV: But I don't know what happens next.
SB: Just keep writing.
WV: Oh look! Something new!
SB: Don't you even think about it!
WV: But it's so shiny. I can't help myself.
SB: Don't do it! Think of your tattoo!
WV: Too late, it's been did.

And that was how I convinced myself to start thinking about another story. See how little I had to twist my arm? It's really awful. I always do this! I get three chapters in and things have to start fitting together and making sense, and that's when it gets hard and my thinking stops. This is why I never finish anything.

But, in my defense (even though it's a lame one), I'm going to try prewriting with a specific structure. I've never done this before. I've usually just kept a notebook of random notes and bit that float through my head, and more recently I've just taken a hack at the page. Obviously, neither of these methods have worked because I have yet to finish a story. This time I am going to use the 7-point method, outlined by Dan Wells and shamelessly stolen from a role-playing book, and I'll also use Lynn Viehl's novel notebook, which does the same thing but gets a little more in depth.Since I used to do this type of thing during school to outline papers it should be helpful. The biggest thing is that I will know the ending going into it, and thus have something to work towards. I may also not write the book chronologically, like I usually do. Just switching it up a bit.

And the reason for my whole-hearted abandonment that I had so much faith in three months ago? L showed me a book she's reading about mermaids and she was telling me how they're cool because they zap people with tridents and have scales on their skin, and instantly the wood started burning and I had all these ideas! It'll be a teen book, by the looks of it so far, but that's ok. And I am going to keep it SIMPLE. As much as I can, at least for the first draft. Insert my usual Thisisit! -here- and now I'm off to do some brainstorming.

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