Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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So, my Nook died. Not really died, just decided to become a bratty teenager, as I haven't even had it for a year now. It'd happened before: the Nook de-registers itself somehow and I have to register it again before I can access my library. But I would just plug in my e-mail and password and everything would work again. This time, for whatever reason it would not accept the log-in info, and I am absolutely positive I was typing it in correctly. It wasn't a big deal because I could still access the book I was currently reading, but when I finished that book I pretty much couldn't do anything. I tried wiping it to factory settings, but it kept prompting me to UN-register my Nook before doing that, while in the meantime I couldn't REGISTER it to UN-register it. Very confusing. You'd think if something broke it would have the decency to break itself consistently across the software? No dice. In any case, they are sending a new one! They were so nice and helpful too, so kudos to BN. And yes, I am Pro-Nook and Anti-Kindle. I have beef with Amazon, but that's a post for later.

I am thinking of revamping my Links page.  A while ago I had an Extras page, but I ended up taking it down. I want to take all the writing links and put them onto a Writing Resources page, along with some explanations and extra-special blog posts that I have found useful and maybe mentioned in my blog. Then I can take the Other Links at the bottom and combine that with the Extra stuff, and voila! This isn't actually important, but you know you were dying to know.

In other news, Christopher Paolini has finally sold the fourth and last book in the Inheritance Trilogy, Inheritance. And far more important, Ian Fleming's estate authorized a sequel to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I hope they make it into a movie. PS, I am eating sushi for lunch and it is oh so delicious! If it wasn't so damn expensive (and such a hike from my office) I would eat it several times a week. But I even walked in the RAIN to get it today. And they don't have a frequent buyer card either, which is a total bummer.

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