Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diligently brainstorming

Last night and the one before I have written pages of notes for this new story. I'm pretty excited. And they seem to be more coherent, which also has me excited. I'm still trying to find the little process-helpers to give me a boost.

First of all, I have a defined Beginning, Middle, and End all played out. It's not detailed, but it's something I can work towards. I've previously found that I need the extra help with plot, and it's already a bit more composed than my previous attempt. Another change I'm making is that I am NOT going to write this in chronological order. I have a page with a list of scenes, and I'm going to go, pick one, and write. No more am I going to have a scene stuck in my head, but I don't write it down because I'm only on chapter three so I just jot down some notes but then never get to it. I have a couple scenes in my head that have backed up because I wanted to get some worldbuilding done before I really dove into writing, but I would like to write scenes quickly when I first think of them, before they are constrained by what I've already written. When I first see the scene, it's so vivid it's like I'm watching a movie, but when I'm trying to think back on it to write it down it's all muddled.

I've also given up on a couple of plot arcs that seem cliche. First of all, who cares. Just write the damn thing. And second of all, having two huge groups of people going against each other is not a cliche plot arc! It's called WAR people, and between all the numerous wars through history I'm pretty sure none of them were between Merpeople and Golems. I don't know, I could be wrong. I guess that would have happened before Atlantis sunk into the ocean. And no, my book does not take place in Atlantis. So far it's a tweener between a teen book and an adult book, which is fine because I will most likely never send this to a publisher so who cares what genre it's stuck in. Which makes me think, how do authors sell books that are between age groups?

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