Thursday, March 3, 2011

Darkest Mercy

And speaking of tweeners, this leads me to Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr, which I finished last week but haven't posted a review. This was a great finale to the series, but it just seemed to be... lacking. I don't know why. Maybe it's because there was so much fighting and death in this book I expected to see more gore, but there was nothing there. And it's not even that, it's like she had originally written the book with all the gory parts in, but then the editor said "This is a teen book. Teen girls don't want to read this." So she took it all out but didn't smooth over the parts that should have been gory. Seth is in a cage that falls from the ceiling, and she says he's hurt, but we don't see that he's hurt. Aislinn stabs a pile of dirt surrounding Bananach, and she says that Bananach is now dead, but because I didn't see it I found it hard to believe. I half expected B to jump out from behind a corner and spear someone. But all that aside, this was a teen book, so it was probably more MY expectations that threw me out of line for this one. I wanted it to be more adult and mature, and darker like the second and fourth books.

As a series conclusion, it fucking rocked. The characters plots were exactly what needed to happen, and nothing seemed fake. **Spoilerwarning** I was so happy when Keenan gave up Summer to be with Donia, it's about freakin time, man! But I knew something was going to happen, because they were way too happy. But the way MM crafted what happened, it wasn't what I expected so it was awesome. Keenan finally did something BIG that wasn't for himself, that was for his love, so he finally grew up right then. And i may have teared up a little at the end there.

But what was with the epilouge? So he's not mortal anymore? Although that makes me really happy that they ended up together forever after all, it cheapened the sacrifice Keenan had made to save Donia's life. I'm glad Aislinn and Seth ended up together, but to be honest I wasn't much a fan of Seth in the beginning. He's okay. Sure, he made amazing sacrifices to be with Aislinn, but I guess he just wasn't my type. Maybe he was just too nice. I guess I'm an asshole like that.

The whole time I was reading DM I was sad that the series was ending. The series will be one for the re-read shelf, for sure. I can't wait for Graveminder this summer!

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