Thursday, February 17, 2011

On to Chapter 3

Last night I decided I was going to move on to chapter three, even though I haven't completely finished writing chapter two. I had one more scene left, which was Eamon finding Anna in the alley. Pretty straightforward. And frankly I was getting bored with chapter two. It wasn't very deep because I hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about it, but just made it grossly straightforward. I still need the main plot points in chapter two to stay there, but everything surrounding them is going to need a BIG rewrite.

So I just moved on. What's the point of forcing yourself to write through a chapter, especially in the first draft, when it is boring you out of your mind? Do you think the readers are going to be interested enough to keep reading when you had to nail your ass to the chair just to write it? Nope. besides, if it's going that badly it's going to need to be rewritten, so getting the framework down was good enough for me. Besides, Eamon was just coming out too nice. He needs to be an asshole that you wouldn't think twice about running over with your car, no matter the consequences. Getting that feel right the first time around wasn't happening. Hopefully after writing a few more scenes with him I'll be able to get him better.

Chapter three is back in Anna's perspective, which I like because she's a girl, she's not a horrible person like Eamon, and she's the one the story is about, so why wouldn't I like her? Even though I started writing a bit of it last night, I still havn't worked out all the outlining. I know what needs to happen, but I don't know where I am going to cut off the chapter. The ending needs to be conclusive, and not just a stopping point. I'm also wary about how much trouble I am going to get Anna into, and I need to work out some of Eamon's reactions.

Excited to be on chapter three though, not to mention this puts me way ahead of schedule! (But that wasn't my motivation, I swear.) Two just wasn't happening for me, so I'll deal with it later when I know the characters better.

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