Thursday, February 3, 2011

I always did try to ignore my homework

I didn't do Eamon's character history the other night like I wanted to. I thought about it, had a really long train ride, then some errands to run, and when I finally sat down to do it I thought it was a really dumb idea. Why would I sit here and just write down everything that has been floating around in my head, and has been appearing in bits and pieces in other notes, and just sounds boring? He is who he is because of the events that shape him, and I'm not sure of what all those events are going to be. So instead of writing his history like I had originally planned, I started working on chapter two, which is where we are introduced to Eamon. And I thought that was a lot more interesting and entertaining.

One of the huge things that finally got me writing was figuring out that I did much better as a discovery writer than I did as an outliner. It would have made much more sense for me to be an outliner, because that is how my personality works. I'm an extremely organized person, to the point where I even annoy myself. I would come up with a story idea, start outlining it to about the second act, then give up on it. I already knew who the characters were and what they were going to do, so why would I invest all that time to just write the story out? Now, I try to jump right into the writing, so I get the story out of my head soon after thinking about it instead of allowing myself to think too much and letting it go stale. I can always go back and revise later to make sure all the right bits of foreshadowing are included.

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