Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brainstorming to be had by all

I seem to always post advice from another author and then talk about it, instead of giving out my own advice... or something. And it bothered me while I was thinking about it. But you know, I don't exactly have bragging rights about my great writing skills, so I don't even care about giving you advice. I'm still trying to figure this whole business out for myself, I shouldn't be worried about helping you (no offense). Take it from the people who know what they are doing. In the meantime, I'll be taking their advice too. I'll be writing about it, and maybe watching me flounder will help you. That's the point of the blog.

My current obsession of literary advice: Lynn Veihl's Novel Notebook. I know forms like this help me a lot, I had created something similar to help me brainstorm the dreaded five paragraph essay back in high school. Having to answer questions forces me to think of all aspects of an idea, instead of just the obvious ones that keep showing up. Now that I have the general idea for my story, I want to work on getting some of the background outlined. I don't want to focus too much on the plot, because I know if I start thinking too far ahead I will get bored with the story. I need to discover it as I write. But, especially since I am ahead on this month's chapter (I'm already several pages into Chapter 3), I have some time to fiddle around with setting ideas.

This also leads me to these fantasy worldbuilding questions I discovered today thanks to Cassandra Clare's writing page. Most of them go way too in-depth for my purposes, but I especially like the section on Magicians and Magic, which I instantly had noticed Lynn's workbook had left out. Since my book has a magic system, AND I seriously need to work out the details of it because it's time for it to show up, I'll definitely be tackling this over the weekend. For more information about magic systems and their costs and why they need a cost, check this out.

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