Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Age-Old Question

Paper or plastic? I am all about being green, conserving energy and resources, walking instead of driving, all those great things, but I cannot keep to a single method of writing for more than a chapter.

I wrote chapter one with pen and paper. Now, I am writing chapter two on the computer. I could just go with it, use whatever method I fancy and then combine them all at the end, but no matter what that story will eventually be typed, and it is a pain and the ass to have to retype something you've already written. Not to mention boring as all hell. And, I want to have everything contained in one place. It bothers me that the whole thing is not all in the same medium. And this is stupid, I know, but it's a huge pet peeve.

Why don't I just type everything from the beginning, you ask? Because I like paper. A lot. I prefer my horrendous teetering stacks of books and my overflowing bookshelves to my Nook that sits neatly on my desk. And don't get me wrong, I love my Nook, but it has its place and I really only use it for hardcovers that I just can't wait for the paperback version to read it. I love turning the pages and the smell of books and I even love when the glue breaks down and pages fall out of the old books. I'm a super-nerd. But you know what, it's my thing. I know how to bind my own books and I make my own notebooks and journals because I like the feel of the paper and I think it's sad that it's a dying art.

But at the same time, I need to realize that things change and I just have to get the fuck over it. There was a Superbowl commercial (and of course now I can't remember what it was for) where everyone was walking around with a vanilla cell phone or sitting in a modern coffeeshop with a super old-school typewriter instead of a laptop. They looked ridiculous. And computers are freaking amazing! The things you can do and the information that is available is mind-blowing, and even simple things like connecting to my work computer from my laptop at home is super cool. The huge increase in speed between typing and writing should be the sole reason for me to switch. But there's just something about crossing my love for books with technology that makes me pause.

I'm trying to get over it, I really am. Look, I made this nifty blog. And I am going to write chapter two with a keyboard, see how I feel about it.

The other thing about computers vs. a notebook for me is I don't have a computer that I can carry around with me everywhere. The notebook went with me everywhere I went, so whenever a thought struck me I could immediately write it down. I'll lose that by using a computer, but I should be honest with myself, when do I ever do anything productive on the train anyway?

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