Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A bunch of things

Still working on the last bit of chapter one, but I'm not really concerned about that right now. I was at the gym yesterday and I had this flood of ideas the whole time I was on the elliptical (probably because I didn't blast my ears with music this time) but of course I had forgotten everything by the time I got home, because how on earth am I supposed to record ideas when I am at the gym? In any case, I think I need to take a break from the drafting to develop the back stories of the two male characters. Anna is easy--her story doesn't start until the book starts, that's kind of the definition of a main character. Yes, she has a back story, but we are watching her learn as it happens, as opposed to the other two characters who have already learned, and they are imparting their wisdom to Anna (essentially). I think I am also going to make Anna a little older.... maybe/maybe not. I'm very definitive in my outlining, can't you tell?

In any case, I'm pretty distracted from everything except my writing right now. I always have so many ideas, but when I get home, or even on my lunch break, my brain is already starting to shut down. I am definitely a morning person, especially when it comes to writing. It would be great to wake up at four in the morning and get some writing done before work, but let's be honest, once I get home at night I have a second wind and start cleaning my room or surfing the interwebs, and before I know it it's past eleven and I seriously need to go to bed. Maybe I can wake up early and then blast myself with coffee, to get past the fuzzy-morning stage.

Started reading Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr. Finally! I had read the first and third books in the series, and the fourth is already out and the fifth is coming out next month. Don't know why I skipped around so much. But so far, I am really liking it. She is one of my idols as far as authors go... I met her at a signing and she is one of the most interesting people to listen to. I love honesty, and she just says it like it is (and after starting this book, she writes it how it is, too). Even though she is writing a teen book, the maturity of her writing is much higher than the rest of the genre. In this second book, her writing has improved much more since the first, and I know that this is her favorite book in the series--her passion really shines through in the writing.

More about books, I finally finished Scar Night by Alan Campbell. I flew through the first three-quarters of the book. It was awesome, intriguing, the setting was kick-ass, but then I don't know what happened at that three quarter mark, but it took me an entire month to finish it! (And I know it was a month, because I bought the second one a few days before Christmas because I thought I was going to finish it and want to go straight to the next book, and I didn't want to be stuck at home without it. So much for that thinking.) Even when I was reading the book, it became so far-fetched, even for a fantasy novel, that I was completely taken out of the book and audibly scoffing it. Two people are chained at the ankle, and one starts swinging the other above their head so quickly they start to hum in the air, and not only does all the blood not rush to their head and they not die from massive blood-pressure fluctuations and oxygen deprivation, but they are swinging their sword and lopping of heads of enemies the whole time. PUH-LEASE!!!! I have the second one, and I would like to know what happens, but evidently the characters start at the beginning with all the growth they had from the first book lost, and after that ending it may be a while before I pick it up.

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