Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prose Troubles and Ahead of Schedule

I realized the other day that one of my problems while writing is that I describe everything way too much. If someone is going to turn off a light, it is not necessary for me to describe their arm reaching up and their hand grazing along the walls till they find the switch and finally flip it. I need to cut everything shorter and just say what I mean to say. I imagine this will get better as I write more, but for now it's frustrating and I have to live with fixing it in post.

In better news, I only have one more scene to go in Chapter One, which puts me way ahead of schedule for my incredibly generous January 31st deadline. But I'll admit I'm still impressed with myself. I can't start celebrating yet because the chapter isn't finished yet, but I'm still happy about it because it's better than I was doing, which is incredibly pathetic.

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