Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh crap...

I knew this would happen. It is now the 24th, and I am still painfully trying to finish out the last scene of chapter one before the end of the month. But there's an "it's all my fault" and an "it's not my fault" to go along with this, which sums up to be "it's still my fault." The last scene is the escape scene, with lots of action summing up the entire set-up of the first part of the chapter. The problem is, the escape scene should be a chapter of it's own, and the introduction part of the chapter should be a separate chapter, but could probably even be two.

I was already thinking this beforehand, but it was all summed up today when I realized that Anna's little brother needs to die in the escape scene. A very easy thing to add, except that there was zero character interaction between the two other than sitting across the dining table from each other. I'm thinking that in the first half, the two of them can play a joke on their older sisters (who are noticeably older than the two of them) and thus grows their friendship. Then when the two of them are escaping and we find out that the little brother didn't survive his injuries, it actually means something more than "Hey, the cute kid died."

This is annoying because not only does it create more work for me during revision (which who am I kidding, was expected), but it messes up my outlining and the way I think about it because everything in my outline was know by it's chapter number. Chapter One was the escape scene, Chapter Two was introducing the other main character, etc. This will now be know as Chapter 1-2, and I think I'll split it after Anna is given the stone (which means nothing to you, dear readers, but that's okay). But this will be two chapters in a row ending with death and injury... a pretty morbid way to start out a book.

Tonight, I hope to get a decent chunk of time to do some writing. I still have a chapter to edit which is past the deadline (Alex, I'm sorry!) but this is happening more and more lately. Need to come up with a working title for the book... anyone know a snappy synonym for "resurrection"?

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