Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter One Finished!!

About damn time! I wrote about another page tonight to finish. And I have to say, I kindof wish I had more to write in the chapter, everything was coming so easily! Usually it takes a lot to write a few sentences, but I banged out this last page in about 15 minutes. I wish I could have written my college papers that fast.... a lot, actually.

I wish I could jump right into chapter two, but I have outlining and brainstorming to do before I can start that. Even though I am a discovery writer, I like to think of the basic arc of the chapter before writing it, but I develop it as I go. And it's time to think of character histories before I go much further for Eamon and Nikolas. Eamon is an asshole, and I want to think of him like a villain, except for his one gesture of good faith towards Anna (even if he did it for the wrong reason). He needs to start low so he can have a good redemption arc. Nikolas needs to have a dark history... but I haven't figured out how that is going to happen yet, and I need to think of something that would have brought him back to the good side before meeting Anna.

It feels so good to finish a chapter!

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