Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogging is Awesome

I know I haven't been the most punctual blogger lately, but I have to say, I've been thoroughly enjoying it. It's a little piece of the internet that's mine, and I don't care if no one reads it. (Actually, I would prefer if less people read it until it gets a bit more impressive.) But I'll think of something during the day and just can't wait to share it. For instance, a little dose of motivation, from Robison Well's blog:
Ten years ago I was in a writing group of five people. Of that group, three of us have gone on to get published nationally: Brandon Sanderson has been wildly successful, both with his own epic fantasy and as the writer of the final Wheel of Time books. Dan Wells, my brother, has a three-book deal with Tor writing critically-acclaimed horror. And here’s what the three of us have in common: Brandon was working on this thirteenth book when he finally sold one (which happened to be the sixth one that he wrote). Dan also sold his sixth. And Variant is my seventh.
And for everyone who thinks it is incredibly depressing to have to write six novels before getting published, just think, Twilight was Stephenie Meyer's first novel. Joy. I think I'd rather write six books. To make you feel better, City of Bones was Cassandra Clare's first novel, too. I don't know about J. K. Rowling, but it would make me feel really good and happy if Sorcerer's Stone was her first novel.

But just so we're straight, I write because unless I'm getting the words onto the page, the story becomes all I can think about. Sure, eventually I would love to write full-time, but then again, I don't write consistently enough yet to know that writing full time is going to be something I want to do. (But then again, the whole cubicle/commuting thing is totally not working for me. And I really love my job. I like knowing that I am contributing something to society instead of just frittering my time away doing lazy artist stuff. I just wish I didn't have to ride the train for three hours every day to get there.)

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