Sunday, December 5, 2010

Burning a Hole in my Pocket

I love stories. I love reading them, and I would love to tell them. I want so much to be able to write stories, not even to make money from them (although that would be wonderful one day) but because I want other people to be able to get the same enjoyment from them that I have gotten from other stories.

But first and foremost, I am an editor. I study the finess of language and words and tweak just the tiniest bit to make it run smoother. Writing in college was always hard for me. I have stories itching to get down on paper, but it is a battle every time to make it happen. I have never really written anything, aside from the couple of short stories I wrote for fiction classes.

I have a story now, and I think it is finally original enough to be worth writing and intriguing enough to keep me interested. Every day I think of more plot points to include. So far, the only thing I have written is the history of a side character that I don't even plan to include in the story. I'm off to a great start so far, yeah?

I hope this blog will help to keep myself on track, and keep my ass in the chair to sit down and write. (I just remembered, I wrote two pages the other night. Add that to my tally.) One of my problems is that I enjoy reading too much to give it up, and whenever I have free time I am more inclined to read than to exercise my brain and write. It's work for me. But one day I'll figure it out. I was even putting off this post for days to tell how behind I am. I'll try to at least keep this relatively updated, so at least I am writing something.